Beginning Middle And End Quotes

Beginning Middle And End Quotes by Michel de Montaigne, Austin Butler, Charles Spurgeon, Melissa Rosenberg, Gilda Radner, Khandi Alexander and many others.

Now there cannot be first principles for men, unless th

Now there cannot be first principles for men, unless the Divinity has revealed them; all the rest–beginning, middle, and end–isnothing but dreams and smoke.
Michel de Montaigne
Film and television are just different. Film is cool because its a complete package. You know the beginning, middle, and end. You can plan it out more, which I like. But with television you get a new script every week, so its constantly a mystery as to what youre going to be doing.
Austin Butler
A sermon without Christ as its beginning, middle, and end is a mistake in conception, a crime in execution.
Charles Spurgeon
I think stories do have an ending. I think they need to have an ending eventually because that is a story: a beginning, middle and end. If you draw out the end too long, I think storytelling can get tired.
Melissa Rosenberg
I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.
Gilda Radner
I think, often times, it’s the audience that suffers when a show isn’t given the opportunity to have a beginning, middle and end.
Khandi Alexander
Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
I think that we’re moving into this new phase of television where audiences are really embracing stories with a beginning, middle, and end.
Carlton Cuse
Have endless patterns and repetitions accompanying your thoughtlessness, as if to say let go of that other more linear story, with its beginning, middle, and end, with its transcendent end, let go, we are the poem, we have come miles of life, we have survived this far to tell you, go on, go on.
Lidia Yuknavitch
Songwriters are expanding time rather than compressing time. My short stories tend to be old fashioned, with a beginning, middle and end.
Steve Earle
Film is cool because it’s an hour and a half to two hours. It’s a great ride. It’s typically three acts – beginning, middle and end. It’s going on an adventure and by the end it’s all cleaned up.
Chris Pratt
With no other privilege than that of sympathy and sincere good wishes, I would address an affectionate exhortation to the youthful literati, grounded on my own experience. It will be but short; for the beginning, middle, and end converge to one charge: NEVER PURSUE LITERATURE AS A TRADE.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Stories work, if they have a beginning, middle and end.
Wendell Pierce
I like to shoot scenes where I can see the beginning, middle and end of the entire scene. But, when you edit a movie together, you can just cut right into the middle. You don’t need to see them walk into the room and put their jacket on the chair. There’s always a lot of shoe leather that you can remove.
Judd Apatow
I think as a filmmaker you try not to have any expectations other than that the film have a fairly substantial beginning, middle and end.
Mark Boal
The end of life is to be like unto God; and the soul following God, will be like unto Him; He being the beginning, middle, and end of all things.
Some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle and end.
Gilda Radner

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