Coming To An End Quotes

Coming To An End Quotes by James Patterson, Anne Lamott, Bobby Fischer, Eudora Welty, Anne Roiphe, Tobias Wolff and many others.

Glaring at the Gasman, ter Borcht said, “Your time is c

Glaring at the Gasman, ter Borcht said, “Your time is coming to an end, you pathetic failure of an experiment. Vhat you say now is how you vill be remembered.” Gazzy’s blue eyes flashed. “Then you can remember me telling you to kiss my-” “Enough!” ter Borcht said.
James Patterson
Presents can make up for some of the disappointments that life doles out, such as it makes almost no sense and is coming to an end more quickly than ever.
Anne Lamott
Maybe I should publish the book. The world is coming to an end anyway!
Bobby Fischer
I wanted to read immediately. The only fear was that of books coming to an end.
Eudora Welty
People always think their world is coming to an end if they’re exposed, and of course it isn’t coming to an end; it goes right on exactly the way it always was.
Anne Roiphe
Knowing that everything comes to an end is a gift of experience, a consolation gift for knowing that we ourselves are coming to an end. Before we get it we live in a continuous present, and imagine the future as more of that present. Happiness is endless happiness, innocent of its own sure passing. Pain is endless pain.
Tobias Wolff
I think the era of the diva actress is coming to an end.
Amanda Seyfried
What about desserts?” I asked. “If the world comes to an end, I’m going to want cookies.” “We’re all going to want cookies if the world comes to an end,” Mrs. Nesbitt agreed. “And chips and pretzels. If the world is coming to an end, why should I care about my blood pressure?” “Okay, we’ll die fat,” Mom said.
Susan Beth Pfeffer
Money no longer has any meaning. Civilization is coming to an end. If not the destruction of the world, it’s an endless stalemate.
Stephen Fry
I only work in relation to what the work is about. Yes, of course, if the world’s coming to an end I would basically try to get out of the way when the sky falls.
Lawrence Weiner
My life, between 22 yards for 24 years… It’s hard to imagine that this is coming to an end.
Sachin Tendulkar
But big people’s illnesses are always made to sound big. The simple shutting and opening of the royal arse-hole was made to sound as if the world was coming to an end.
Khushwant Singh
But at the same time I went down into the mines with working miners who are still young men, younger than I am, who are aware that their working life is coming to an end and they feel suddenly cut off.
Bill Vaughan
Civilization is perhaps approaching one of those long winters that overtake it from time to time. Romantic Christendom – picturesque, passionate, unhappy episode – may be coming to an end. Such a catastrophe would be no reason for despair.
George Santayana
Great, the worlds coming to an end and we’re fixing it with Band-Aids
Susan Beth Pfeffer
Human life is difficult. But as this life is coming to an end, I consider myself lucky to have lived it.
James Hong
The era of using people as production tools is coming to an end. Participation is infinitely more complex to practice than conventional corporate unilateralism, just as democracy is much more cumbersome than dictatorship. But there will be few companies that can afford to ignore either of them.
Ricardo Semler

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