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Drake Quotes by Chris Cornell, Gabrielle Aplin, Rick Springfield, Smokepurpp, Kane Brown, Ski Mask the Slump God and many others.

One of the Robinson brothers from the Black Crowes turn

One of the Robinson brothers from the Black Crowes turned me on to Nick Drake.
Chris Cornell
I grew up listening to Nick Drake. Without him, I would not write music – and ‘Pink Moon’ is my favourite LP.
Gabrielle Aplin
I don’t want to mix the identities. Noah Drake isn’t Rick Springfield.
Rick Springfield
I would like to work with Drake. It would be cool.
My fans love everything. You can find my fans at a Drake show; you’ll find my fans at Post Malone all the way to Pink. They just love music in general.
Kane Brown
One thing that I do want to say is Drake, as an artist, anybody has to respect him. He’s in the game, and he’s been in the game – he has longevity, even if he doesn’t write or writes his music.
Ski Mask the Slump God
One thing I’ll say about Drake is that he never talks about me about going to any schools. I know people think that, but he has never done that. He just talks to me about how I’m dealing with life and things like that. He’s like a big bro and I really appreciate that about him.
Zion Williamson
I love music but I never went to a concert in my life. The first time I went to a concert I performed on a stage with Drake.
I was raised listening to, like, Jay and Big and Pac, Cassidy, Ludacris, even some of Drake’s stuff.
Jay Pharoah
I can clearly hear a lot of grime influence on Timbaland’s stuff, on some of Drake’s flows.
I’m really big into lyrics in my own songs, so I look up to Drake in that aspect.
Jake Paul
You put Drake on anything, and it’s money.
Jacob Whitesides
I’ve always been a fan of Drake’s. I wouldn’t say I listen to all of his music, but I would say that I pick tunes out of his that I love and then put them on repeat.
Kyla Reid
I love Drake; he’s amazing.
Letitia Wright
I met Sade! I performed ‘Blue Lights’ at one of Drake’s shows in London, and I met her backstage. She told me her son is a big fan. That was a moment when I was like, ‘Wow.’
Jorja Smith
I’d love to work with people like Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and The Weeknd.
J Balvin
Obviously this song is an achievement for me in my career, but what makes me really feel good is to make Latinos feel proud. To provoke that pride that a pop figure and someone so big in music globally like Drake would sing with me completely in Spanish and create this hit ‘MIA.’ That’s the best part of it.
Bad Bunny

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