Dropping Out Of School Quotes

Dropping Out Of School Quotes by Bernie Sanders, Joe Klein, Arianna Huffington, Walter Dean Myers, Michael Grant, Adam Fletcher and many others.

We have to invest in our kids, we have to invest in our

We have to invest in our kids, we have to invest in our communities, we have to create jobs. We have to make certain that kids are not dropping out of school and hanging out on street corners.
Bernie Sanders
I believe that poverty is often the result of inappropriate behavior – out-of-wedlock births, dropping out of school, crime and drugs – which should not be rewarded. But often it isn’t, and common decency requires that we take care of the least of these.
Joe Klein
A little learning is a dangerous thing. I must say that Rush Limbaugh is increasingly becoming a warning to kids of the perils of dropping out of school.
Arianna Huffington
I know what falling off the cliff means. I know from being considered a very bright kid to being considered like a moron and dropping out of school.
Walter Dean Myers
Anyway GONE. My goal in writing GONE To creep you out. To make you stay up all night reading then roll into school tired the next day so that you totally blow the big test and end up dropping out of school. GONE. Imagine a world where every adult vanishes in an instant.
Michael Grant
Dropping out of school is the ultimately caused by discrimination against young people in schools.
Adam Fletcher