Good In The World Quotes

Good In The World Quotes by Immanuel Kant, Sonia Sotomayor, Howard Zinn, Peter Mandelson, Calvin Coolidge, Marie Lu and many others.

It is through good education that all the good in the w

It is through good education that all the good in the world arises.
Immanuel Kant
To the extent that the parents who send their children to these [Catholic] schools are parents like my own, who actually have faith in the church. Faith that it will provide their children with safety, a decent education and values about life and others. This is an institution that stands for all good in the world.
Sonia Sotomayor
There is a hard core of people in the United States who will not be moved, whatever facts you present, from their conviction that this nation means only to do good, and almost always does good, in the world, that it is the beacon of liberty and freedom.
Howard Zinn
If the constitutional treaty is rejected it will be back to square one, just at a time when we want Europe to be a more effective force for good in the world, when we need to buttress ourselves against the pressures and insecurities of globalization.
Peter Mandelson
Unless we lay our course in accordance with this principle, the great power for good in the world with which we have been intrusted by a Divine Providence will be turned to a power for evil.
Calvin Coolidge
Tell me there is still good in the world. Tell me there is still hope for all of us.
Marie Lu
(Lisa Henson about her father) He admired the job of the man who walks along the road picking up trash with a long stick. He thought that guy had a great job, walking along with a stick, enjoying the road, and doing only good in the world, with hundreds of small actions.
Jim Henson
You can actually make a lot of money and do a lot of good in the world. I don’t see those things as being in opposition to one another. I never have.
Peter Blair Henry
Whatever we perceive as good in the world has always endured, and it always will.
Carmen Agra Deedy
I’d gazed into the abyss and the abyss had gazed back, just like Daddy always said it would: You want to know about life, Mac? It’s simple. Keep watching rainbows, baby. Keep looking at the sky. You find what you look for. If you go hunting good in the world, you’ll find it. If you go hunting evil . . . well, don’t.
Karen Marie Moning
The motivations of a scientist are always mixed and complex… every medical student has the desire to do good in the world. Making a small contribution to that effort is really in a sense the last significant thing that I want to do with my life.
Gustav Nossal
The Clinton foundation has done a lot of good in the world.
Jane Harman
When I retire, I want to step away on a positive note. What you put out into the world comes back to you. You actually change the world with what you do. I want to put some good in the world.
Lupe Fiasco
If you can be your own force of nature and have a positive heart, then you can actually do something good in the world.
Eddie Izzard
Truth has scarce done so much good in the world as the false appearances of it have done hurt.
Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Whoever would do good in the world, ought not to deal in censure. We ought not to destroy, but rather construct.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Business must be a force for good in the world.
David Cooperrider

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