I Know You Love Me Quotes

I Know You Love Me Quotes by Kirsten Miller, Nora Roberts, Jewel, Mason Cooley, Julia Roberts, Richelle Mead and many others.

Because I love you,

Because I love you,” Iain said simply. “I always have. I love your bad temper. I love your jealous streak. I love your strength and pigheadedness. And I know you love me. And sometimes love makes people go a little crazy. The insanity won’t last forever…I hope.
Kirsten Miller
I know you love me, but I don’t know why. I look at you and I just can’t get why it’s me. Every time I get my balance, I lose it again. Because it shouldn’t be me, and I think it’d kill me if you ever figured that out.
Nora Roberts
I know, you love me and soon you will see, you were meant for me and I was meant for you
You know you’re in love when you stop comparing.
Mason Cooley
You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.
Julia Roberts
I love you, and beneath all that logic, calculation, and superstition, I know you love me too.
Richelle Mead