Icing On The Cake Quotes

Icing On The Cake Quotes by Gale Anne Hurd, Antony Gormley, Rush Limbaugh, Meg Whitman, Jeff Conaway, Cise Star and many others.

I just like the comic book sensibility. If I can turn t

I just like the comic book sensibility. If I can turn them into films and TV series, that’s just icing on the cake.
Gale Anne Hurd
Maybe this is a utopian view of art but I do believe that art can function as a vehicle, that it isn’t just a cultural pursuit, something that happens in art galleries. Unless art is linked to experience and the fear and joy of that, it becomes mere icing on the cake.
Antony Gormley
I never expected it to happen, and it had nothing to do with why I supported [Hillary] Trump, the fact that he was going to [prosecute Hillary Clinton]. If he did it, it was gonna be icing on the cake for me, but I never expected him to do it.
Rush Limbaugh
We have always said that advertising is just the icing on the cake. It is not the cake.
Meg Whitman
If I can tell my story, and help anybody else in the interim, then that’s icing on the cake.
Jeff Conaway
The icing on the cake is when other people enjoy your vision and support what you do.
Cise Star
I guess I feel that I was following my instincts, and at the same time being guided by the best. I became totally intrigued with Louisiana – the people, the food. It is a part of my life. Everything that has happened for me since moving here has just been icing on the cake.
Emeril Lagasse
Luna! Artemis! lovers’ spats are icing on the cake! Your just showing off to us single people! -Minako
Naoko Takeuchi
I’m going to go out and play really hard. If I have another win, it will be icing on the cake. But I don’t take anything for granted.
Vijay Singh
If the theory turns out to be right, that will be tremendously thick and tasty icing on the cake.
Brian Greene
I want New Story education to be skilling human beings and young people to provide basic human needs. Technology and all other things are icing on the cake.
Satish Kumar
Illium, with his wings of silver-kissed blue and a face designed to seduce both males and females, not to mention his ability to do the most impossible acrobatics in the air, would provide a worthy diversion. The fact that he’d decided to ditch half his clothing was just icing on the cake.
Nalini Singh
Every job after the first job I got was icing on the cake. This is so much fun.
Katee Sackhoff
Chivalry is a poor substitute for justice, if one cannot have both. Chivalry is something like the icing on the cake, sweet but not nourishing.
Nellie L. McClung
I like not being dead. Anything beyond that is just icing on the cake.My undead cake of livingness.
Jhonen Vasquez
Good health, peace of mind, being outdoors, camaraderie – those are all wonderful things that come to you when running. But for me, the real pull of running – the proverbial icing on the cake – has always been racing.
Bill Rodgers
I was fortunate to sell at a time of great sea change in the romance genre; suddenly heroines were allowed to be portrayed as having rich, fulfilling lives. They didn’t need a man for security or self-esteem, but having that one very special man in their lives proved the icing on the cake.
JoAnn Ross

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