Intimate Relationship With God Quotes

Intimate Relationship With God Quotes by Jon Krakauer, Brennan Manning, Paul Washer, Caroline Myss, Henri Nouwen and many others.

But perhaps the greatest attraction of Mormonism was th

But perhaps the greatest attraction of Mormonism was the promise that each follower would be granted an extraordinarily intimate relationship with God. Joseph taught and encouraged his adherents to receive personal communiquГ©s straight from the Lord. Divine revelation formed the bedrock of the religion.
Jon Krakauer
Choose a single, sacred word or phrase that captures something of the flavor of your intimate relationship with God. A word such as Jesus, Abba, Peace, God or a phrase such as “Abba, I belong to you.” . . . Without moving your lips, repeat the sacred word inwardly, slowly, and often.
Brennan Manning
What is Christianity all about? It is about an intimate relationship with God. And I HATE a christendom, a churchianity that God is not big enough and glorious enough so that we have to give them other things.
Paul Washer
Spirituality on the other hand, is a chosen path of developing intimate relationships with God. It’s chosen, it’s nurtured, and it’s optional.
Caroline Myss
Let’s dare to enter into an intimate relationship with God without fear, trusting that we will receive love and always more love.
Henri Nouwen