Moral Of The Story Quotes

Moral Of The Story Quotes by Jose Mourinho, Binnie Kirshenbaum, Nick Harkaway, Thom Yorke, Will Cuppy, Julianna Margulies and many others.

The moral of the story is not to listen to those who te

The moral of the story is not to listen to those who tell you not to play the violin but stick to the tambourine.
Jose Mourinho
The moral of the story is this: sometimes, to do nothing, to do nothing at all, is the sorriest thing ever.
Binnie Kirshenbaum
No. The moral of the story in so far as it has one is that cannibals can study logic, and that if you are going to leave the path, you better have your wits about you and know better than to trust the first scary old lady who talks to you in public.
Nick Harkaway
And the moral of the story is I’m Thom Yorke.
Thom Yorke
The moral of the story of the Pilgrims is that if you work hard all your life and behave yourself every minute and take no time out for fun you will break practically even, if you can borrow enough money to pay your taxes.
Will Cuppy
The reason I met my husband was because I remembered a friend’s birthday. The moral of the story is: Remember people’s birthdays.
Julianna Margulies
I was recently told by a guy friend that red lipstick during the summer is distracting, and I said, “You need to shut up because I love red lips in the summer.” Guys are stupid, moral of the story.
Brittany Snow
So when it comes down to it, a calorie is a calorie is a calorie: There is only one moral of the story: burn as many damn calories as possible whenever you work out.
Jillian Michaels
Moral of the story: try to get things right, figure out what’s going wrong with the scenario, and don’t give up.
Cody Lundin
She is so totally absorbed in a vocation – both a gift and a mastering passion – that she has no time to be absorbed with the self’s worries about itself. And that is the moral of the story: You can pursue happiness by wearing a torn jersey. You can catch it by being good at something you love.
George Will
The moral of the story: perceptions are everything. During each moment you are in contact with a customer, you are the organization.
Jan Carlzon