Ready To Move On Quotes

Ready To Move On Quotes by Jimmy Johnson, Erin Hunter, Miley Cyrus, Brian Boitano, Victor Kiam, Rupert Grint and many others.

But I was always a bit of a gypsy, anyway. I spent five

But I was always a bit of a gypsy, anyway. I spent five years at Oklahoma State, five years at Miami and moved on after winning the national championship, and five years with the Cowboys. So, I was ready to move on. We won back-to-back Super Bowls, and I felt that I accomplished what I wanted to accomplish.
Jimmy Johnson
He never seemed to get tired. Always first up and ready to move on. Never afraid of what lay ahead.
Erin Hunter
When you are ready to move on or if you come to peace with pain, you’ll find a silver lining.
Miley Cyrus
Kat and I were in our 20s when we won in ’88. Our personalities were already established. We were ready to move on to a life of professional skating.
Brian Boitano
Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.
Victor Kiam
There’s a real sense of freedom now. It’s a good time to finish, I think. As much as I’m going to miss it I’m ready to move on and do different things.
Rupert Grint
I’m working on producing my own shows. “Girls Next Door” was a great place to start but it was somebody else’s show. I’m just ready to move on.
Holly Madison
The history of our country is cruel. We have to face those issues or, should I say, we had to. Not anymore I hope, because we are going in the right direction, and we are ready to forgive, ready to move on.
Novak Djokovic
The day you were born, it was already written down the day you’re gonna check out. Now, I’m not gonna throw myself under a truck, but I’m not gonna worry about when I die. I’m ready to move on when that day comes.
Carroll Shelby