Richard Feynman Quotes

Richard Feynman Quotes by James Gleick, Bill Bryson, Leon M. Lederman, Charles Hard Townes, Leonard Susskind and many others.

For [Richard] Feynman, the essence of the scientific im

For [Richard] Feynman, the essence of the scientific imagination was a powerful and almost painful rule. What scientists create must match reality. It must match what is already known. Scientific creativity is imagination in a straitjacket.
James Gleick
Strange as it may seem, wrote Richard Feynman, we understand the distribution of matter in the interior of the Sun far better than we understand the interior of the Earth.
Bill Bryson
Theorists write all the popular books on science: Heinz Pagels, Frank Wilczek, Stephen Hawking, Richard Feynman, et al. And why not? They have all that spare time.
Leon M. Lederman
The late Richard Feynman, a superb physicist, said once as we talked about the laser that the way to tell a great idea is that, when people hear it, they say, ‘Gee, I could have thought of that.’
Charles Hard Townes
“Half genius and half buffoon,” Freeman Dyson … wrote. … [Richard] Feynman struck him as uproariously American-unbuttoned and burning with physical energy. It took him a while to realize how obsessively his new friend was tunneling into the very bedrock of modern science.
James Gleick
[Richard Feynman] truly believed that if you couldn’t explain something simply, you didn’t understand it.
Leonard Susskind