Say I Love You Quotes

Say I Love You Quotes by Kurt Vonnegut, Stephin Merritt, Rachel Caine, Adyashanti, Carter Heyward, David Levithan and many others.

If somebody says,

If somebody says, “I love you,” to me, I feel as though I had a pistol pointed at my head. What can anybody reply under such conditions but that which the pistol-holder requires? “I love you, too.”
Kurt Vonnegut
You know, most love songs are not cheesy and corny. Most love songs are complaints, I think. Or about unrequited love, coming at it from some oblique angle. Only the ones that say “I love you” over and over are the cheesy, corny ones that people complain about
Stephin Merritt
Is it crazy right now to say I love you?” She didn’t even pause. “Given that I just stabbed you? Seems a little weird, yeah.
Rachel Caine
When someone says, ‘I love you,’ he is telling you about himself, not you. When someone says, ‘I hate you,’ she is telling you about herself, not you. World views are self views-literally.
To say I love you is to say that you are not mine, but rather your own.
Carter Heyward
They never played games with each other, they never had tow worry where they stood, because if either of them had a moment of wavering, the other would say I love you and would mean it and all doubts were forgiven because in this one case it was found that love conquers all.
David Levithan
To parents who find a child’s disclosure about sexual or gender identity challenging, I always urge what I’d call “moderated” honesty. If you can’t say “I love you,” then say something like, “I’m going to need some time to digest this news.” Buy time this way. And then think.
Steven Petrow
So, I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.
Paulo Coelho
I love you.” He frowns. “Say it again.” “Tobias,” I say. “I love you.
Veronica Roth
I need you because I love you.
Erich Fromm
If I know what love is, it is because of you.
Hermann Hesse
If I die before I say ‘I love you’ it’s because I didn’t have the time.
Diana Gabaldon
Lovers never want to say “I love you” at the same moment. Hence all the love stories.
Mason Cooley
I’ve seen men like you in Doris Day films, but I never thought they existed in real life…The men who can’t commit, who can’t say ‘I love you’ even when they want to, who start to cough and sputter and change the subject. But here you are. A living, breathing specimen. Incredible.
Nick Hornby
Few people know what they mean when they say, “I love you.” … Well, what does the word love mean? It means total interest. I think the reason very few people really fall in love with anyone is they’re not willing to pay the price. The price is you have to adjust yourself to them.
Katharine Hepburn
Don’t wait until it’s too late to say I love you.
Stana Katic
He takes her in his arms He wants to say I love you, nothing can hurt you But he thinks this is a lie, so he says in the end You’re dead, nothing can hurt you which seems to him a more promising beginning, more true.
Louise GluМ€ck

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