Sitting In The Dark Quotes

Sitting In The Dark Quotes by Harriet Martineau, Michael Grant, Kelly Lynch, Peter Greenaway, Anna Deavere Smith, Kami Garcia and many others.

Public opinion, - a tyrant, sitting in the dark, wrapt

Public opinion, – a tyrant, sitting in the dark, wrapt up in mystification and vague terrors of obscurity; deriving power no one knows from whom … – but irresistible in its power to quell thought, to repress action, to silence conviction.
Harriet Martineau
We’re sitting in the dark willing to sell our souls for another peppermint with enough uranium to give a terrorist a wet dream. – Diana
Michael Grant
All I really want to do is entertain people out there sitting in the dark and for them to believe it.
Kelly Lynch
I never go to the cinema. I can’t stand sitting in the dark with strangers — all of us obliged to share the same emotional experiences — it’s too intimate. I like to be emotional in private.
Peter Greenaway
Then everyone leaves, and you are left, each night, to your own devices with a crowd of interesting people – most of whom you don’t know – sitting in the dark.
Anna Deavere Smith
There’s something about sitting alone in the dark that reminds you how big the world really is, and how far apart we all are.
Kami Garcia
My mom is Christian, and she wouldn’t let us listen to rock music. So me and my brother, we had this tape player with head phones, and we locked ouselves in the pantry. We were fighting over the headphones, sitting in the dark pantry listening to Metallica.
Joel Madden
I like sitting in the dark and watching people far more talented than I’ll ever be sing my songs and say my words. It’s thrilling.
Kathie Lee Gifford
I’ve always been more interested in the audience than I have in the plays. I like that idea of all those people sitting in the dark together. It’s kind of fun.
Liev Schreiber
The great risk is always saying, “how will I communicate what I’m trying to get across to a room full of strangers sitting in the dark watching a stage?”
John Guare