Turn The Other Cheek Quotes

Turn The Other Cheek Quotes by Frederick Lenz, Ray Stevens, Peter Singer, Malcolm X, James Hervey, Anton Szandor LaVey and many others.

Turning the other cheek is not always the answer. In a

Turning the other cheek is not always the answer. In a certain situation on a certain day for a certain person, it’s correct. Sometimes a good roundhouse kick on a certain day in a certain situation for a certain person is correct.
Frederick Lenz
They call him the Streak, he likes to turn the other cheek. He’s always making the news, wearing just his tennis shoes.
Ray Stevens
To turn the other cheek is to teach would-be cheats that cheating pays.
Peter Singer
Those type of whites who are always going to jail with Negroes are the ones who tell Negroes to be loving and be kind and be patient and be nonviolent and turn the other cheek.
Malcolm X
I believe in treating others as I want to be treated–but I certainly don’t believe in turning the other cheek and the truth is that I never knew any Christians who did either.
James Hervey
You cannot love everyone; it is ridiculous to think you can.
Anton Szandor LaVey
Turning the other cheek is a kind of moral jiu-jitsu.
Gerald Stanley Lee
If revenge is sweet, why does it leave such a bitter taste? In disarming Peter, Christ disarmed ever knight. Turn the other cheek.
Angela Elwell Hunt
God says, Turn the other cheek. So there’s no way I could play in a man’s game.
Dwight Howard
I don’t trust any white man who teaches Negroes to turn the other cheek or to be nonviolent, which means to be defenseless in the face of a very brutal, criminal enemy. No. That’s my yardstick for measuring whites.
Malcolm X
Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you
Luke the Evangelist
If you turn the other cheek, you will get a harder blow on it than you got on the first one. This does not always happen, but it is to be expected, and you ought not to complain if it does happen.
George Orwell
An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.
Kurt Vonnegut
Nevertheless, this one fact should be apparent: turning the other cheek is a bribe. It is a valid form of action for only so long as the Christian is impotent politically or militarily.
Gary North
It won’t mean you’re weak if you turn the other cheek.
Kenny Rogers
Many people believe in turning the other cheek, especially when it is your cheek.
Anne Ellis
If somebody stamps on your head in that way, you wouldn’t say, ‘Thank you very much, can I turn the other cheek’. Only Jesus Christ did that.
Arsene Wenger

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